Trip overview

Image result for clock icon 8:00 – 20:00 including 1.5hrs travel time from/to Prague

Image result for no rain icon Completely outdoor

Image result for hike icon Solid hiking involved

Image result for train icon Doable by public transport

Image result for money iconjust food and transport



  1. Kadaň
    • 9:30 – 11:30 sightseeing
    • Download the app and save this map
    • Parking on Kapitána Jaroše street free during the weekend
    • Check out these POIs (follow map):
      • Main square
      • Katova ulička – narrowest lane in CZ
      • View from Rokelská bridge
      • Franciscan monastery
  2. Food
    • 11:30-12:30
    • We had sweets at café Momento in Kadaň (main square) and packed lunch on the hike. If you want to eat lunch at a restaurant, try Druhý Mlýn next to the start of the hike in the mountains
  3. Nature
    • 13:00 – 18:30 21km-route as shown on the map
      • Start at Třetí Mlýn, follow the blue path to Nový dům (2-2.5hrs). At Nový dům, switch to red and go to Hadinec (0.5hrs). Turn left there, downhill on a rocky path, not signposted. Walk all the way to the valley and then along the stream back to Třetí mlýn (2hrs).
    • You can shorten the route and do just a part of it. But don’t shorten it. Do it all. Some compromises in life are not worthwhile.
  4. Accommodation (optional)
    • The webpage is in Czech only but you can contact the owner directly, he is used to both local and foreign guests
  • Transport

    By car

    This map shows both the driving part and walks. Kadaň offers free parking during the weekend, I recommend Kapitána Jaroše street next to the main square.To get to the start of the hike, drive to point 10 on the map, the place is called Třetí mlýn.

    By public transport from Prague – use IDOS for planning

    1. Take the train to Kadaň předm. (leaves Prague from Hlavní nádraží at 7:42, arrives 10:10)
    2. Take two trains and a bus from to Kadaň předm. at 13:46 to Křimov,Suchdol,rozc., arrives at 14:33. Walk down the valley from Křimov to join the mapped route
    3. The best option is to hitchhike to Chomutov. If it’s not an option, be sure to catch the last bus to Chomutov from Křimov at 19:34. Or spend the night at Druhý mlýn.
    4. From Chomutov, take the train back to Prague

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